Referring a Candidate

Referral Checklist

Step 1: Identify her eligibility. 18 years old or older

  • She has been compelled to provide sexual services or labor services through the use of either force (violence),
    fraud (lies), or coercion (threats)
  • She engaged in commercial sexual exploitation (pornography, stripping, etc.) through the use of either force
    (violence), fraud (lies), or coercion (threats)
  • She engaged in survival sex (meaning: she provided sexual services in exchange for basic needs of food, shelter,
    safety, etc.)

Our program is for women who are preparing to transform their lives. The ideal candidate for Her Song’s residential
program is a woman who is…

  • sober and has been through detox if needed
  • considering the cost of change to her personally
  • willing to do the hard work it will require to have a new life
  • not suicidal or a threat to others
  • no history of violence

Step 2: Educate Your Referral. Is she willing to:

  • let go of the ties from The Life including thoughts, behaviors, and relationships?
  • live a sober life and remain sexually abstinent during her stay in our program?
  • give up old unhealthy connections made through phone, email, Internet, social media?
  • work on herself?

Here are a few important tips to share:

  • This is a PROGRAM is based on empowerment, with specific activities and a schedule, and phases of progression
    from rest to employment.
  • Once she is working, she will pay rent.
  • The house requires shared spaces and shared chores
  • She must be willing to be sociable and build healthy relationships.
  • She will be expected to participate in counseling, house meetings, vocational training, and program activities.
  • Over time she will progress and grow to earn greater privileges and trust

Step 3: Client Application for Program:

Next, your referral will need to be available for a phone or in-person interview.

1. The first interview will be with our Residential Director. Prepare her to be asked questions about her present
situation. Encourage her to be herself and to be truthful. Please reassure your referral: we will not judge her for what
she’s done or where she is now. We’ve heard plenty of stories and this is what we do. What we have to assess at this
step is whether she’s willing to be (brutally) honest with herself and with us.

2. At this time complete the application and submit to A follow-up call will be made by our
agency to discuss our program in more details and address any questions she may have.
The referring agency will be notified by our director if your referral is eligible.

Step 4: Preparing to Bring Her Home:

In preparation for the Intake Process, please make every effort to collect the following background documents:

  • any discharge papers from hospital, rehab, or psychiatric programs
  • any legal documents, outstanding financial obligations, important contacts
  • recent drug/alcohol test (within the last 2 weeks)
  • recent medical test
  • identification
  • insurance documents
  • parole or probation reporting requirements

We will work with you to arrange for her transportation to our facility. Upon arrival, we will complete all intake
paperwork for the residential program.

Please make note that Her Song is not equipped to provide services to individuals who meet the following conditions. A
woman who …

  • is actively addicted to substances, including methadone or suboxone
  • has custody of a child/children for whom she must provide care and housing
  • is in a romantic relationship that she desires/expects to continue
  • suffers from acute/debilitating mental illness or medical diagnosis
  • is unwilling to step-down from prescribed narcotic
  • is trying to escape a warrant
  • has legal obligations/court orders that would require travel out of state within 6 months