Party With A Purpose

Register to Host Your Party Today!

Plan It Out

What kind of party do you want to have? Incorporate your passion (such as poetry, tailgating, pointing, singing, and dancing, etc.) into your party Remember you are not limited to having your party at your home.

Select A Party Goal

By hosting a PWAP you are helping Her Song raise financial support and awareness of our cause. Every dollar raised will go directly towards the support and core of sex trafficking survivors. Determine your own financial goal for your party!

Spread The Word

Invite friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, civic group members, etc. Invite everyone! You can use Facebook, Twitter, or emails to spread the word. Order invitations to be included in your PWAP kit. Specify how many guests you plan to invite on our Register to Host a Party with a Purpose page. We will send you that many invitations and donation/pledge cords.

Get Ready

Before your guests arrive, arrange the Her Song materials in a way that would be most helpful to your guests. Be sure to set out pens with the donation/pledge cards.


Make the event fun for your guests. Include ice-breakers, music, interactive games, etc. Share your story about how you heard about Her Song and why you wanted to be involved. Then show the Her Song DVD included in your PWAP kit. Let your guests ask questions and encourage conversation.

Support The Cause

Purchasing this kit and hosting a party is a powerful way to help support Her Song. Share with your guests why you decided to give in this way and invite them to help reach the party's financial goal and also to host a party themselves! If a guest wants to have their own party, refer them to the Party with a Purpose link on Her Song's webpage under the Get Involved tab. They can buy their own kit and become a host/hostess there!

Say Cheese

Take photos of your guests or take group photos all together. Tag or hashtag Her Song on Facebook or Instagram to share your party across the globe! Please email copies of your photos to as well. #hersongjax #partywithapurpose #breakingground #bringherhome

Before Guests Leave

Reiterate your passion for Her Song, your specific goal for the party if you have one, and encourage your guests to start their own PWAP. This is a great time to remind your guests of the fundraising goal amount. Consider doing a quick tally to celebrate and thank everyone for contributing to the freedom of young women in our city!