PARENTS, Did you know that no child* is immune to becoming a victim of child sex trafficking, regardless of the child’s race, age, socioeconomic status, or location? 

This is why Her Song has an exemplary curriculum for students in local public schools so that both boys and girls can understand how to stay safe.

*department of justice


Parents play a key role in helping kids use social media and the internet in a safe way. 

Teach kids internet safety by placing safeguards on their devices and by educating them on how to stay safe. Here are some good online resources:

Click here for smart home resources

Click here for a toolkit on talking with your children

Learn how to talk to your kids in an age-appropriate way:

Click her for age appropriate resources



We leverage the power of positive, life-giving human relationships to help others heal from trauma. Our newest program focuses on coming alongside youth that have been exploited to support their journey by providing loving stable relationships. This is one more way that we are stopping the cycle of trafficking in the lives of our children.




Her Song envisions a world where every girl is free. Free to live. Free to achieve her dreams and goals. Free to go to school.  Free from harm and abuse. Free from the snare of traffickers.



CALL   1-888-373-7888   or   TEXT   “Help” to BEFREE.

If you are a survivor and need services, call Her Song at 904.513.0203.

If you need emergency assistance, call 911.



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