What We Do

Everything at Her Song is about healing. Our goal is to help female victims of human trafficking achieve health in body, mind and spirit, and work toward a bright future where they achieve their dreams and goals.

Because human trafficking is devastating to the human body, mind, and spirit, Her Song offers holistic programs. Health for trafficking victims is often difficult to achieve after years, even decades of trauma and abuse, so Her Song’s programs are designed to allow the space and the time for victims to develop health, wellbeing, and a execute a success plan for their future. We beleive that humans are resilient and capable growth beyond abuse, so our program values are a strength-based, post-traumatic growth-focused, empowerment-driven, and trauma-informed principles so that  victims can determine their future. Her Song offers phases of residential programs and community-based programs to assist survivors in advancing into their futures through intentional programming built upon neuroscience research, evidence-based practices and high standards of care.


Victim Outreach

Her Song’s Victim Outreach Program focuses on identifying victims in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, the NEFL Human Trafficking Coalition, and other service providers, providing support groups, and appropriately referring victims.

Survivor Care

We care for victims of trafficking whether they were trafficked as adults or children. Our residential programs are offered in the context of a safe home and our program focuses on whole-person health: body, mind, and spirit. This means that victims are receiving aftercare that provides them with tools and resources to heal from trauma and begin to chart a new course for their lives.  Lives are changed, young ladies are dreaming again, going to college, making A’s, achieving goals, becoming employed at at living wage instead of low-end jobs that are not sustainable, being reunited with loved ones, and so much more. Every individual life is carefully aided.

Community Awareness

We want to change our community. So we speak. We speak in schools, clubs, businesses, and churches. We train law enforcement. We train educators. We speak practically anywhere. Our Duval County Public School curriculum for 8th grade has been in the classrooms for 3 years now; we are now expanded to high school this school year and our curriculum reaching thousands of children in our community school districts.