What We Do

Everything at Her Song is about healing. Our goal is to help victims of human trafficking achieve independence, focusing on a holistic approach of body, mind, and spirit.

Counselors work with survivors in both group and individual therapy settings daily to help them find the strength and will to become productive members of society and create a better future.

Survivors are coached in simple life skills, as well as personal health and fitness. We also provide mentorship to assist them in going back to schools, budgeting their finances and finding employment.

Victim Outreach

We strategically work in our community alongside partners who can identify and refer victims for services. Examples of this are JSO, FBI, SAO, PD’s office, the department of corrections and other agencies. Through our partnerships, we have received 100+ referrals so far in 2018 for our residential program and the number grows every day. Also, this year we have reached 172 potential victims in our jails with information and referral services and 72 have graduated from our purpose group in the jail.

Survivor Care

We care for victims of trafficking whether they were trafficked as adults or children. Our residential program is held in the context of a safe home and our program focuses on whole person health: body, mind, and spirit. This means that victims are receiving aftercare that provides them with tools and resources to heal from trauma and begin to chart a new course for their lives. So far we have had 12 women come into our residential program. Lives are changed, young ladies are dreaming again, going to college, becoming nurses, and so much more. Every individual life is carefully aided.

Community Awareness

We want to change our community. So we speak. We speak in schools, clubs, businesses, and churches. We train law enforcement. We train educators. We speak practically anywhere. Our Duval County Public School curriculum for 8th grade has been in the classrooms for 3 years now; we are now expanded to high school this school year and our curriculum reaching thousands of children in our community school districts.