Her Song was established in 2013 to meet an overwhelming need in the city of Jacksonville. Unbeknownst to most Jacksonville residents, human trafficking is a very real problem locally. In the last few years in Duval County alone, more than 200 women have been saved from their traffickers but local law enforcement tells us that this represents a mere 10% of the problem. Literally thousands of young women and girls are trapped in a life of violence and exploitation right here, right now. Where do they go to find a way out? This is why Her Song exists.

Our mission is to provide healing homes where young women are restored to life and freedom after human trafficking. We are also a trusted resource for community awareness and education.

Our dream is a safe residential community where young women can not only recover from the horrors of human trafficking, but find purpose for their lives and move on to fulfill their dreams.

We offer:
i. Trauma informed care
ii. Empowering strengths-based practices
iii. Counseling services
iv. A holistic approach to healing of the person
v. Group support and case management

Rachel White, M.A., LMHC
Founder and Executive Director

Rachel is a licensed professional counselor, an ambassador and advocate for human trafficking survivors, and the founder of Her Song. She has a long history of dedication to the well-being of women and naturally offers compassionate care to others. She is the lead counselor for the women who come to Her Song and provides visionary leadership for the organization. Her work experience includes sexual abuse, childhood abuse and neglect, addictions, codependency, anxiety, stress management, depression, healthy relationships, and ex-offenders. She is an alumna of Baylor University, Liberty University and the Mayo School of Health Sciences in Jacksonville. She received the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award in 2016 for her work in human trafficking in Jacksonville. She’s led Her Song to bring awareness of human trafficking all over Jacksonville through speaking and partnerships with local businesses, civic groups, & faith based communities. In 2016, Her Song partnered with Duval County Public Schools to bring awareness training to high-schoolers and 8th grade health and science students. She is part of the Northeast Florida Human Trafficking Coalition Service Providers and acts as an ambassador for the coalition as well.  Her vision is to fulfill the urgent need for survivors of human trafficking to have a place to call home within a supportive, loving community while they take steps to reclaim their lives. Rachel says she believes these women are truly exceptional and she enjoys seeing women empowered to reach their potential. Rachel is a wife of 26 years, and a mom of four young adult children.

e: rachel@hersongjax.org
p: 904-513-0203
f: facebook.com/hersongjax